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Who We Are The who, what and why our company exists

In ennovaco®, we create and build a path for your brand, giving it an identity, a set of concepts, values, and attitudes, structuring and linking it to the consumer.

Through our team we want your brand to be recognized not only at the point of sale but also in the consumer's mind.



In ennovaco® we start from the deep analysis of consumer behavior with regard to the products that our customers offer, we advise with the power of our ideas, and we provide the necessary actions, key messages and innovative media, in convenient and relevant moments, to strengthen the brand and increase your sales.

In ennovaco®, we make and transform your ideas, to have a constant and effective communication for your clients through our digital and graphic parts.



In ennovaco®, we value your brand that is why we want to optimize and manage your product by reaching the best places in the point of sale, which is noticeable on increasing sales.


We personalize your event and carry out unique experiences to be innovate and remarkable.

  • Store opening.
  • Product Launch.
  • Repacking.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Launch Image.


Our company and our team are trained to represent your brand to any channel, achieving the key relationships that are fundamental for optimal development of your brand.



Our enthusiastic team is highly qualified to present, sell and position any product at point of sale. Likewise, with the information obtained from the consumer, you may increase sales and obtain key and concise information for better commercialization.

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